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Why work here?

At Spring, we believe that team diversity makes us a stronger company. That means creating a work environment that empowers and supports all employees regardless of their race, gender, age, disability, genetic history, sexual orientation, political affiliation, national origin, religion, credo, background and anything else that makes each person a unique contributor to Spring. We strive for a culture in which team members can be themselves, and where all points of view are heard and thoughtfully considered.

Need more reasons?

Wide range of amazing benefits including medical + dental options

Unlimited vacation days

A well-designed and casual office that's overflowing with snacks and meals

Meaningful equity sharing and the resources to go after our big idea

Puppies!!! Also: adult dogs

Open positions

  • Engineering

    Code wranglers and champions of blissful user experience, these are the people who build Spring and ensure that it works for everyone. They speak a variety of programming languages and sometimes even talk to each other in person.

  • Product

    Product at Spring is all about the customer. We are a team of data, design, and technology geeks who are obsessed with creating the best possible shopping experience for our users.

  • Marketing

    Telling the story of Spring in fun, friendly, and evocative ways is what the Marketing team does every day. And when new and cool products drop, the team gets to let people know what's up. Lucky!

  • Customer Experience & Business Intelligence

    A foundational tenet of Spring is providing the absolute best customer experience. Our Concierge team thinks constantly about delivering customer happiness. Business Intelligence is a key contributor to how we think about the customer journey, providing data and insights to Concierge and other teams across the business.

  • Creative & Brand Partner Operations

    These teams consist of Editorial, Art Direction, Digital Design, Merchandising, and Brand Management... essentially the teams that think about how we are communicating Spring's value both to end consumers and to the brands that work with us.

  • Finance & People Operations

    These are the teams that keep Spring humming along. We keep the lights on, the pantry stocked, the employees healthy and happy. In addition, we're focused on growing Spring's team and bottom line in an ambitious and sustainable way.

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